Piano/Vocal/Orchestra (feat. Jeremy Threlfall)
1. The Prayer
2. Ave Maria
3. Nature's Triumph
4. E luce van le Stelle
5. Phantom of the Opera
6. Growing Inspiration

7. Theme from Paganini
8. Wild and Free
9. Why Can't You Remember

(Composed by Jeremy Threlfall)
10. I Am Free

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Amazon Review- Journey of a Dream
Kevin's Best Ever- February 1, 2012
I have all 3 of Kevin's CD's. Of all of them, this is the best by far! Kevin captures a beautiful emotional and Celtic flair with his compositions! The addition of the amazing violinist Mami Matsumoto-Lyon enhances and complements Kevin's orchestrated compositions to the max. I would recommend this CD and artist to everyone!

Amazon Review- Music that Heals the Soul
Truly inspiring!, December 3, 2010Kevin Kula and Jeremy Threlfall make a wonderful team together. The CD is a great blend of vocal and musical pieces. Jeremy's beautiful tenor voice is complimented by Kevin's amazing talent for orchestration. The CD features Kevin's original piano solos and orchestrations as well. Their first combined original composition "I Am Free" is truly the crowning touch to this CD. I cannot recommend this CD and these 2 artists enough!

Kevin Kula

Amazon Review- Spirit of Utah
Best CD of New Original Piano Compositions,
In an age where some music is just programmed beats and done via computer without any real Musicians playing the music , we need more Real Musicians , the real musicians who spend years honing their skills , mastering their instruments,putting their heart , soul , blood , sweat and tears into their work . Listening to Kevin Play is inspiring. Here you have what is fast becoming a " Rare thing " a CD of Real Music Played by the Composer/ Artist. It is like sitting there listening to live piano . This CD is Really great for anyone who loves piano music.  This is a CD of Original Compositions. You can tell this Artist has " Put in his time" to bring forth this exquisite musical Creation. Original Compositions and Piano Playing at its best. I will be Looking forward to hearing more new stuff from this very real and Very talented Musician. Great CD and worth every penny .



1. Spirit of Utah

2.Whispering Thoughts
3. Dawning of a New Day

4. The Journey Within
5. Forever Dreaming
6. Peace From Above
7. Nature's Triumph
8. Passing of Life's Troubles
9. A Gentle Spirit
10. The Changing Seasons
11. Someone Special
12. A Mother's Love

Piano/Violin/Orchestra (feat. Mami Lyon)
1. Changing Times
2. Flowers Grow (feat. Jennifer Birchell)
3. Danny Boy
4. Through the Years
5. Journey Home
6. Canon in E
7. Remembering Spring
8. Wild and Free
9. On River's Edge
10. The Dream